Brian Doerksen on Tour with Adoro Drums!

We were proud to support Brian Doerksen at the last Germany Tour 2008. Drummer Calum Rees very much liked the set, so the tour kit is now his own...

Calum was so happy about the Adoro Set -he actually wanted to buy it right away- so the band decided to surprise him with the tour kit after their return to Canada. Calum is a pretty awesome drummer (his dad being Chris Slade, Drummer of AC/DC, might have been an influence...), and just moved from England to Canada. His skills can be heard on many records, especially of the UK Vineard Productions, and of course on Brians albums.

Brian Doerksen has recently bought another Adoro Drum Set, for his church, "The Bridge", in Canada.

A happy Calum Rees