This is a revolution. Nothing more or less!

Low volume with a great stick feel!

Adoro presents the patented product of the american manufacturer Lidwish Soulutions. With these unique sticks it is possible to perform on drums low volume without compromise in the way you play. Ultra-Tones were designed to archieve the feel and sound of sticks, at a fracture of the regular volume of sticks.

Ultra-Tones and Adoro Worship Drums: an unbeatable Team!

Especially in combination with our Adoro Worship Series, the Ultra Tones can play out their advantages: being really a sensitive drum set, the sticks deliver a full and rich sound even when played lightly. By the construction, the shells sing quickly and effortless, and have a full, rich tone, without getting as loud as a regular set. Even when plyed with regular sticks, these drums are conciderable less loud than usual drums. In combination with Ultra Tones and Beater, you now can master in volume levels that never seemed possible to you. Try it out, you will not give away the Ultra tones once you tried them!